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Askari Secure Surveillance Officers cover a wide range of advanced techniques to ensure any surveillance operation is rapidly achieved.
Surveillance is a technique used to observe, record or document physical activities or associations with individuals and can be fixed or mobile depending on the nature of the task ahead.

Our Officers can provide mobile, foot, covert or counter surveillance whether it be for private clients, organisations or government agencies. All of our operations are planned, coordinated and monitored by our Officers who also conduct detailed briefings to the client on a regular basis.

We can also, if required set up Counter Surveillance- for example, if a company or individual is under surveillance from a third party we can set up counter measures to identify whether a threat exists and eliminate the exposure.

There are times and situations when you cannot get close enough to the target to deploy a surveillance team or vehicle. Techniques used in rural surveillance are specialised and require a lot of preparation before surveillance is undertaken. This is particularly useful for environmental protection, landowners and anti-fly tipping.

We also offer Technical Counter Measure Sweeps to identify sophisticated eaves dropping and remote Surveillance devices, commonly known as “bugs” or “listening devices”. Today this espionage technology is widely available on the high street and on line. The use of “bugs” to gather confidential information is a significant threat to many organisations.

All our Surveillance Officers have undergone Surveillance training whether it be within the British military, police or government agencies. They have already conducted and managed many successful Surveillance Operations before being recruited by Askari Secure.

Hilco Appraisal LTD

“Askari Secure Ltd has been our chosen specialist security company for a number of years here at Hilco. In particular I myself have used their Asset Protection Service on a number of occasions. The individual ability of their staff when undertaking what can sometimes be a difficult task is remarkable.

Their management team advises and instructs us on all of our work involving security issues. At times we have been unable to carry out our work with out them. Not only securing assets we may have recovered but all so the physical safety of Hilco employee’s whilst on a site.

There have been a number of occasions Askari Secure Ltd has gone above and beyond to insure the safety of our personal in very challenging environments. With out a doubt Askari Secure will always be my first choice of specialist security supplier.”


Kevin Smyth
Hilco Appraisal LTD