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Residential Security

Residential Security

Residential Security

Askari Secure Residential Security Officers aim to provide a secure environment to an individual or a family whilst in residence.
You, your family or your property may require Residential Security for many reasons. A few of these could include a threat to your family, deterring criminal activity, trespassing or protection of privacy.

Our Officers are unobtrusive and discreet but effective enough to provide a security screen that is appropriate to the perceived level of threat. They will cover all aspects of CCTV, perimeter security, documentation of guest or staff vehicles, control of residential deliveries and entry and exit points to name a few. We will also carry out Counter Surveillance outside and around the perimeter of your residence.

Residential Security is not just restricted to your home. It could also be useful within your hotel, private apartment, office, private yacht or even at hospital.

Also our Officers can conduct security assessments at your residency which is particularly useful at a new property or if security is a new concept to you or your family.

Askari Secure Residential Officers all have previous experience within Residential Security, whether it is within the private security industry or the UK’s Police Forces. Our Residential Security Officers are from the Close Protection, Surveillance, and Asset Protection sectors of our company.

Restructuring and Recovery LLP

“Askari Security were contracted by Baker Tilly to provide 24 hour security services for a large, highly desirable unoccupied residential property at a prestigious address in central London.

Askari Secure personnel proved very presentable and adaptable to the role and provided excellent service above and beyond our usual requirements. They were unobtrusive when agents were showing purchasers around, but also very practical when we had to deal with tradesmen and other services to the property.

Rates were very reasonable and the service provided far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend their services for any similar circumstances.”


Matt Haw
Baker Tilly, Restructuring and Recovery LLP