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Close Protection

Close Protection

Close Protection

Askari Secure Close Protection Service is undertaken by a highly professional management team.

Royalty, diplomats, corporations, small businesses, private individuals all face an increasing threat from terrorists, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. When threats of a situation such as blackmail, industrial espionage, assassination, kidnapping and publicity arise, the need for close protection should be at the top of your list.

Askari Secure Close Protection Officers are ready to be deployed globally whether it be as a team or as an individual. When looking to engage in a Close Protection Service we will only ever deploy our Officers after a full threat assessment has been completed. We look at the provision of manning, equipment and adoption of procedures, use of the correct equipment, adoption of appropriate policies, implementation of effective procedures and the high skill set of our operatives that suit the operational environment have been the success in providing this service. On completion of this, our close protection program begins by implementing the agreed security arrangements with regular assessments.

All Askari Secure Close Protection Officers have undertaken a high level of close protection training with personal experiences in operating around the world. They are from a background of Special Forces, Elite Forces and the Diplomatic Protection Group of the Metropolitan Police.

Not all assignments will require Close Protection Officers to be deployed. Many threats can be mitigated by training and the adoption of procedures or with the use of equipment alone.

Côte d’Ivoire

“Askari Secure Ltd takes care of my personnel security whilst on my visits to the UK . I have worked with their personnel since 2010. They are always punctual, well turned out and they take a keen interest when planning my programme. I have come to rely on them absolutely.
They are totally professional in all tasks, respond well to request and at the same time they offer useful and practical suggestions to make my tasks easier to perform.

I have found them to be polite and of good humour, maintaining an easy yet professional environment.

I consider Askari Secure Ltd to be a highly professional Private Security Company and I will continue to use their Close Protection service into the unforeseen future.”


Mr N
Côte d’Ivoire