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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Askari Secure conducts Asset Protection Operations throughout the world. Whether it is assets such as transportation, machinery, commercial goods, precious stones, jewelry, high value documentation or antiques, Askari Secure Asset Protection Officers will advise how best to defeat or greatly reduce any threat to the security of any assets.

Our Officers will provide protection to your assets during corporate takeovers on behalf of receivers. This is particularly useful if the takeover becomes hostile.

We offer overt and covert Asset Protection for high risk goods and commodities. Whether it be a jewellers, construction sites, airports, warehouses, exhibitions or racetracks to name a few. These are all places where an Askari Secure Asset Protection Officer may be found.

We also offer overt and covert vehicle escorts. This is particularly useful for the safe and secure transportation of assets around the globe. We offer Counter Surveillance, Surveillance, Protection of Assets, and Personal Protection of your driver / courier whilst in transit.

All Askari Secure Asset Protection Officers are recruited from the Residential Security, Surveillance and Close Protection sectors of our company.

Hilco Appraisal LTD

“Askari Secure Ltd has been our chosen specialist security company for a number of years here at Hilco. In particular I myself have used their Asset Protection Service on a number of occasions. The individual ability of their staff when undertaking what can sometimes be a difficult task is remarkable.

Their management team advises and instructs us on all of our work involving security issues. At times we have been unable to carry out our work with out them. Not only securing assets we may have recovered but all so the physical safety of Hilco employee’s whilst on a site.

There have been a number of occasions Askari Secure Ltd has gone above and beyond to insure the safety of our personal in very challenging environments. With out a doubt Askari Secure will always be my first choice of specialist security supplier.”


Kevin Smyth
Hilco Appraisal LTD